My goal is to create the most beautiful oil portrait paintings possible. I follow a set procedure to best ensure that each of my oil portrait paintings lives up to the highest standards. All due consideration will be given to best accomodate your schedule.


Once the decision has been made to have an oil portrait painted I will send you a contract which clarifies the terms and specifications of the commision.


The first step is to meet and discuss the specifics of your portrait. This initial meeting is an opportunity for us to get better acquainted and, since the portrait is a collaboration, we can select which clothing, props and background setting will work the best. I also would like to see where the finished painting will de displayed in order to dtermine which style of framing would be most appropriate. 


The next step is the photography session. Working with digital photos and sketches, I like to narrow down the possibilities to one or two poses an then, using professional lighting and photographic equipment, explore the subtle nuances of the poses we have agreed upon.


Following the photo session, or perhaps the next day, I like to paint a quick head study from life which I will refer to during the course of painting your portrait. This study allows me to record the subtle color tones of complexion and hair, which cannot be accurately captured by color photo- graphy.

After a photo is chosen I will paint a small compositional color study, to convey to you a sense of what the finished portrait will look like. After the study is approved I will begin the full sized portrait. At that point, I will be able to estimate the date of completion.

During the painting process, some additional sittings from life would be very helpful. Ideally, I would pfrefer to do the bulk of each portrait from life, but realize that many would find this inconvenient.


The completed portrait will be delivered framed, ready to be displayed for years of pleasurable viewing.